Basset is a territory in the centerlands of Fsoria. It is predominantly inhabited by humans but also has significant populations of gnomes, dwarves, and half-elves. Generally speaking, the cities of Basset are rather tolerant of cooperative species, and it is not surprising to find an organization of goblins (like Mudders) or exotic settlers (like Ojal).

The capital city of Basset is Humhold. Other major cities include:

  • Speargaden
  • Iron Hill
  • Meerguild
  • Kittwich
  • Eastgate

Basset is bordered to the west by the Dychen mountain chain (beyond which lies the territory of Nargafas), to the east by the Gad sea, to the north by the Arash mountain chain (beyond which lies the territory of Cozland), and to the south by the Jukai desert and the elvish forestland of Iflondiel.

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